Signature "Limited" Artist Grade Black Gold

In early 2011, PRS Guitars offered a 100 piece run of its Signature model through the company’s exclusive Private Stock division. This limited run of Private Stock Guitars sold out to dealers within 90 minutes!

For 2012, this innovative model is being released as the Signature Limited, a 400 piece run of guitars built by PRS Guitars’ core production line. Most notably, the Signature Limited boasts an innovative, proprietary Signature/408 pickup system designed to extend the guitar’s tonal spectrum and musicality.

The proprietary Signature/408 treble and bass pickups are designed to narrow the field of the bass pickup to increase its focus, and to expand the field of the treble pickup to increase its tonal range (hence their asymmetric appearance). This pickup configuration stems back to Paul’s early pickup experimentation in the early 1980’s and provides stunning articulation and musical clarity. The Signature/408 electronics offer eight sounds via four pickup coils thanks to a simple but versatile switching system featuring mini toggle switches that provide numerous combinations of humbucking and (no volume loss!) singlecoil tones. This versatility and distinctiveness has garnered the Signature model PRS’s first official multi-artist endorsement from Howard Leese, Davy Knowles, Michael Ault, Tom Wheeler, and, of course, Paul Reed Smith.

“In many ways, the Signature model is the culmination of decades of experimentation,” said Paul Reed Smith. “This pickup system, and the very positive reception it has garnered, shows me that we have hit on something new and special.”

Signature Switching Details:

3-way Toggle Pickup Switching Positions:

Position One: Bridge humbucker

Position Two: Bridge and Neck humbuckers

Position Three: Neck humbucker

Mini-toggle Positions (there is one mini-toggle for both the neck and the bridge pickups respectively):

Up position: Slug side coil activated

Down position: Full humbucker activated

Possible Pickup Switching Combinations:

Neck humbucker

Neck and bridge humbuckers

Bridge humbucker

Neck singlecoil

Neck and bridge singlecoils (hum canceling)

Bridge singlecoil

Neck singlecoil with bridge humbucker

Neck humbucker with bridge singlecoil


Artist Grade, Curly Rock maple top, Black Gold Wraparound

V12 Finish

Mahogany back

25” scale length

Pattern neck shape

22 fret “sinker” mahogany neck

Rosewood fretboard

Paua heart fretboard bird inlays with mother of pearl outlines

Rosewood headstock veneer with paua signature and mother of pearl “Signature Limited” inlay

PRS Phase III tuners

PRS tremolo bridge

Mixed Gold/Chrome hardware

Sorry - this guitar is no longer available.

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