5708 - Rare MC58 prototype

In the now legendary "shootouts", originally held as a private media event at NAMM in 2010, and again at the Dallas International Guitar Festival, Paul Smith compared tones from Privaet Stock and production guitars with a "holy grail" of tone - his own '59 Les Paul.

In these events, a consistent finding emerged - that a great sounding guitar comparable to the holy grail – didnt' have to be 50 years old to sound great. Following the Dallas Guitar festival in 2010, PRS undertook development steps to provide the amazing tone of the Shooutout guitars as a top of the line production model.

Ultimately these guitars evolved into the "McCarty 58", PRS' top-of-the-line McCarty (aka MC58). During the development from Shootout to MC58 several interim guitars were produced.  One of only two made, this "5708" represents a mid stage in the development of the MC58, boasting the same pickups (5708 treble and bass) with high end "hybrid" hardware (gold and nickel) found only as an upgrade option in the MC58. Built as a progenitor to the McCarty 58, this guitar provides a unique insight into the development of one of PRS' most successful guitars, and represents a truly unique opportunity to get "Shootout" tone at a fraction of the price of a McCarty 58 or Shootout limited edition gutiar.

McCarty 5708 Fire Red Burst - $2795.00

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