“The Tree” Angelus Cutaway with “Tunnel 13” Redwood Top

“The Tree” is perhaps the single most sought after Mahogany in the world.

Chichibul Jungle, Honduras 1965: A magnificent 100 foot tall mahogany tree, 50 feet across at the base, was felled by hand, 100 miles away from the nearest sawmill.  Unfortunately , the tree landed in a steep ravine, and due to the remote location, could not be recovered.

There it lay for nearly 20 years, until it was finally recovered.  Once milled, the amazing and unique figure of it’s wood was revealed.  One third of this amazing tree yielded a blister/quilt figure, one third was a mix with pronounced “veins”, and the remainign third was a waxy quilt figure.

Since the mid 1980’s this wood, simply and reverently known as “The Tree”, has been perhaps the most sought after wood in modern lutherie. Mahogany from The Tree is unique in it’s figure and tone (denser than most mahogany with a warmer rosewood like tone).  

This amazing guitar features a stunning Venetian “Angelus” cutaway and a Redwood top from the legendary “Tunnel 13” - an incredible storied wood. 

Southern Pacific Railroad's Siskiyou Summit Tunnel #13 was built in the 1880’s using virgin Redwood timbers harvested in Southwestern Oregon.  These timbers witnessed the October 11, 1923 hold up of the SP Train 13 Gold Special, pulling 13 cars, by the DeAutremont brothers. Four men were killed in the robbery attempt.  

When these magnificent Redwood timbers were salvaged from this historic tunnel after a fire in 2004, a remarkeable tonewood was revealed – air dried in this tunnel for more than 120 years – and now known as the legendary “Tunnel 13” redwood.

This amazing guitar features a custom designed “Plieades” headstock inlay, blue and red para “moon” fingerboard inlays, and the finest ebony and bone, with a complex paua and 14 kt. gold chain rosette inlay, and figured koa binding.

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