LTB Violin Special – One of a Kind  PS 3460

When asked if he could only make one guitar, which one would it be, Paul Smith himself has been quoted as saying “Violins”.  Considered by many aficionados to represent the pinnacle of tonal achievement by PRS, the limited run of “Violin” series guitars is now legendary.

At the 2010 NAMM show, we were fortunate to be invited to an exclusive and unprecedented after hours “Quest for Tone” event, where Paul Smith put his guitars up against a “holy grail” $100,000+ ’59 goldtop Les Paul.  Over the course of two nights, different players “A/B’d” the ’59 Goldtop against various PRS guitars and (with the audience) were encouraged to voice their honest opinions on tone. Paul’s point (convincingly made) was that to get great tone, great guitars don’t have to be 50 years old, and that great instruments should sound great even when new.

A number of guitars were A/B’d by David Grissom, Michael Ault, Davy Knowles and other professionals (straight through to a 25th anniversary PRS amp), as well as members of the audience (mostly other artists, media types, collectors, and dealers). The guitars provided by Paul included his personal private stock McCarty “Violin Guitar”, and several brand new production McCarty models with various pickup configurations (McCarty, 57/08s, 59/09s). 

Both nights, the consensus was that the ’59 Les Paul had an amazing neck pickup tone – “to die for” – but that the treble pickup was a bit harsh.  The Violin Guitar was felt by nearly everyone in the room to be tonally the equal – or superior to – the ’59 Les Paul, with a more luxurious lower mid range with both pickups, and a more rounded and resonant tone with the treble pickup. 

Predictably, the original 50 instrument run of Violin Guitars sold out quickly.

Key features of the original Violin Guitar, namely the incredibly resonant Pernambuco neck, select Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, and intricate “Celtic Knot” inlays with mammoth ivory are no longer available at any price for custom order Private Stock guitars.  (Pernambuco necks and celtic knot inlays are now only available with the super exclusive “Collection Series”” Private stock guitars.)  For some interesting reading on Pernambuco (Pau Brazil) wood, check out:

Or, click HERE

This guitar, the “LoneTree Blues Violin Special” is the last guitar made by the Paul Smith and the Private Stock Team to order with a Pernambuco neck and Celtic knot  inlays.  We chose a insanely figured quilt maple top to set this guitar apart from the “regular” Violin guitars (all of which had flame maple tops).  The brazilian rosewood headstock veneer is adorned with a mammoth ivory outlined Paua heart Private Stock Eagle with a mammoth ivory banner inscribed with “Violin”.  The electronics back plate has also been signed by Paul Smith.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a true masterpiece!



Top: Super Select Private Stock grade Quilted maple

Back: super select lightweight Mahogany

Finish: Thin gloss nitrocellulose “Paul’s 28” –  Black Gold


Neck wood: Pernambuco

Fingerboard: Brazilian rosewood, 22 frets

Scale length: 25”

Radius: 10”

Headstock veneer: Brazilian rosewood

Truss Rod Cover: Brazilian rosewood

Headstock veneer: Mammoth Ivory outlined Paua Heart Private Stock Eagle with mammoth ivory inscribed banner

Tuners: Phase II mini locking


Bass Pickup: custom wound 57/08 

Treble Pickup: custom wound 57/08

Pickup covers: brushed nickel with gold screws

Chrome PRS Stoptail with gold studs

Volume, Push/Pull Tone, three-way selector switch

Stock setup: 0.010” - 0.046”

Sorry this beauty has been taken!

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