Masterbuilt M. Kendrick '55 Stratocaster Relic

The Fender Custom shop makes guitars for all the greats. Clapton, Beck, Sambora, Haggard, Bettencourt, Richards, Guy, Gatton, Malmasteen, you name it.  The guys in the custom shop are the guys hand-building each of these guitars, one at a time.  They make some guitars that we mortals can get as well. Here is an example of a exceptional “vintage” guitar that was made by one of the most sought after Fender Senior Master Builders, Mark Kendrick.

This is what Fender has to say about Mark:

Mark Kendrick is revered for building iconic Fender guitars and basses, and is respected for his attention to historical detail and willingness to push the creative envelope. He is a second-generation Fender man (his uncle handled “field services” for Leo in the mid-‘50s) who started in the Custom Shop in 1990.

In the decade he’s been at Fender, Kendrick has amassed a stellar list of players for whom he has built instruments, including Marty Stuart, Sting, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Keith Richards and many, many others. In late 1997, he built a custom one-off gold Stratocaster® for Eric Clapton. Many of the instruments Kendrick crafted are now housed, in fact, in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, and at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn.

As with all of our pre-owned electric guitars, this Custom Shop “Limited Edition” hand-built beauty has been fully set-up by Dave Doucet. This guitar includes black velvet G&G deluxe case, case candy, and Fender certificate of authenticity signed by Mark Kendrick. The 1955 vintage is extremely rare.

Great guitars sound great unamplified. Unplugged, this guitar rings, you’d think someone had turned the reverb on! This guitar has been lightly “relic’d” on production to look like a guitar that has seen light use over 50 years.  It is in absolutely mint condition.

Fender 1955 Mark Kendrick Masterbuilt Stratocaster Relic: $6250.00

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