Masterbuilt G. Fessler Custom Quilt '57

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What would your dream Strat look and sound like?

Perhaps it would be based on a 1957, “blade cut” body contour, made of lightweight swamp ash, with a highly figured maple fingerboard...  hand wound custom pickups by Abby Ybarra,  weighing in at less than 7 lbs 8 oz...

This guitar built to our order by Greg Fessler, known for his meticulous craftsmanship and fanatical attention to detail.  He’s also one of the nicest guys you’d ever have the pleasure of meeting.  We started with a ’57-style body and neck.  We used one piece lightweight swamp ash for the body, and contoured it as a “blade-cut”, or highly contoured and comfortable modified ’57 body shape. Over this lightweight body, we topped it with a stiff, beautiful super highly figured quilted maple for clear highs and sustain, which we finished with a thin coat of nitrocellulose lacquer over an antique violin sunburst.

The neck is based a ’57 soft V; not has hard as the ’54’s and not as fat as the 10/56 “boattail”.  We specified something in-between, a little thinner (0.88”) but a little wider at the nut (1.675”) in a comfortable and very fast 12” radius. The neck spine subtly rotates as one goes up the neck to accommodate the natural change in left hand position combined with medium-jumbo fretwire, which is a great compromise between fast feel and aggressive string bends. We wanted the bright sound of a maple fingerboard, and Greg chose one of the most beautiful and perfectly quartersawn pieces of flame maple we have ever have. To complement the flame maple fingerboard, we chose abalone inlay dots.

Finally, we wanted something exceptional from a pickup standpoint. We like the sound of a Texas special in the bridge, a Fat 50’s middle pup, and a ’69 in the bridge.  However, we thought the Texas Specials can be a bit muddy with the wound strings, the Fat 50’s can be a little piercing, and the output of the ’69’s can be on the low side.  We had Abbigail Ybarra (Abby) hand-wind custom pickups for this guitar - 5% underwound Texas Special for the bridge, a 5% overwound RP/RW Fat 50’s in the middle, and a 5% overwound ’69 Custom Shop in the neck.  The results are absolutely amazing.

Straight off the body, with no amplification, this guitar sounds incredible.  We’ve played archtops that are not as resonant.  Amplified, this is probably the best sounding Strat we have ever heard.

Here is your opportunity to own something truly unique - there is no other guitar like it in the world.

Sorry this guitar has been sold

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