Masterbuilt G. Fessler 1961 Stratocaster NOS

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The Master Builders at Fender Custom shop makes guitars for all the greats. Clapton, Beck, Sambora, Haggard, Bettencourt, Richards, Guy, Gatton, Malmasteen, you name it.  The guys in the custom shop are the guys hand-building each of these guitars, one at a time.  They make some guitars that we mortals can get as well.

Here is an example of a beautiful custom “one-off” guitar based on a 1961 Stratocaster made by one of the most sought after Fender Custom Shop luthiers, Mr.Greg Fessler. Greg’s meticulous attention to detail and ability to consistently make amazing instruments has earned him a devoted following of obsessed guitarists and collectors. The fanatical attention to detail in this guitar is astonishing. The stunning birds-eye maple neck and premium rosewood fingerboard are immaculate. The lightweight alder body is extremely resonant “unplugged” - chords sing and the entire guitar has been tone-tapped during construction. The Custom Shop hand-wound Fat 50’s style pickups, combined with the natural resonance of the guitar make you think you have the reverb turned “on” - but it’s just the guitar! This guitar has a lot of classic Stratocaster “spank”, and the pickups are perfectly balanced.

Greg is one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet, and he is absolutely passionate about creating incredible instruments. He’s been at Fender for nearly 19 years. Among connoisseurs, is one of the very most sought after Master Builders.

Here’s Greg’s Fender bio:

Greg Fessler came to the Fender Custom Shop in 1990, working his way up through the ranks as an apprentice. He assisted with the Robben Ford signature line of guitars, eventually becoming the sole builder of those instruments and, later, Ford’s personal builder. Fessler has built one-off Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars for a host of players, including bluesman Jeff Healey, Rhonda Smith (Prince), Neil Schon and 311 to name only a few.

Fessler’s unique abilities as a master builder have earned him accolades from many Fender artists and from discerning customers worldwide. His meticulous attention to detail is exemplified in every instrument he creates, each of which is a perfect example of the intense commitment it takes to earn the title of master builder.

This Stratocaster is truly something special. Like all great Masterbuilts, it is incredibly light, contributing to its incredible resonance.  The frets are medium-jumbo, with a 9.5 degree radius neck for better string bending. The neck shape is an early ’60’s “C”, inbetween the late ’50’s 10/56 and the later ’60’s thinner “C”. It is an extremely comfortable and fast neck finished in nitrocellulose.

Fender Greg Fessler Masterbuilt 1961 Stratocaster NOS: $6495.00

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