Collection Series #116 Brent Mason Semi-Hollow


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Brent Mason has been known as one of the hottest "A" list players in Nashville, appearing on countless studio tracks. His versatility in tone coupled with his all-styles virtuosity has led to him being recognized as one of the great guitarists today.  

Brent has partnered with Paul to design the latest in ultimate in aficionado guitar versatility; coupled with the highest custom shop workmanship and best super-select tone woods from Paul Reed Smith's "vault", the new Collection Series Bent Mason is one of the most exciting guitars yet from Private Stock.

The narrow 408-style pickups have been wound to Brent's specifications, and feature the asymmetric pole winding that allows the coils to be "split" or "tapped" producing a full single coil sound (individually selected with the mini-toggle switches).  Combined with the acclaimed 305 middle pickup, the five-way switch allows an incredible array of single coil sounds, as well as combined single coil and hum bucking tones.

The new stop tail bridge has brass inserted under each string, and brass studs for the purest tone, and the chambered (semi-hollow) body lends an amazing resonance to the tone of this guitar.  

The amazing brazilian rosewood neck and fingerboard are nearly black - the highest quality and rarest BRW available.  Complementing the amazing playability of this guitar is the ridiculous figuring of the best quilt maple top imaginable, and gorgeous custom "Trinity Knot" fretboard inlay with Paua and Mammoth Ivory and Paua fingerboard, headstock, and truss-rod cover purfling.

This guitar comes with a unique "photo journey" of it's creation through the Private Stock shop, from wood selection to final play testing by Paul Smith himself.

Due to Export restrictions on Brazilian Rosewood, these guitars are for customers in the US only.

Sorry - this guitar is no longer available

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