Komet Amplification


LoneTree Blues is now a dealer for  Komet Amplifiers and cabinets.

Komet Amplifiers are the only licensees to employ the legendary “Trainwreck” circuitry made famous by the late Ken Fischer.  On par (or more) than the legendary amplifiers of Howard Dumble, original Trainwrecks fetch more than $30,000, and have been used for coutless recording sessions defining the ultimate guiltar tone.

The choice of serious guitarists devoted to tone, Komet amplifiers are known for their great headroom, incredible touch sensitivity, and harmonic richness. 

Each amplifier is point to point hand wired. In the words of Mr. Fischer, “Komet™ (amplifiers are) single channel amps (with no) NO reverb, master volume, effects loop, foot switches, pull pots, transistors or chips ANYWHERE. The chassis is solid aluminum, chosen for the very particular electrical properties that it possesses”. 

These amplifiers are designed for serious working musicians and studios seeking the ultimate in touch sensitive guitar tone.  These amplifiers are NOT designed for “bedroom” level output!  For sample audio clips, please visit:


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