At LoneTree Blues, we consider ourselves "tone-hounds".  Our dedication to the highest quality hand-made boutique amplifiers is just as great as our dedication to the finest USA made guitars we sell.

When asked what is more important to tone - guitar or amplifier - Leo Fender once remarked that you can make a mediocre guitar sound great through a great amplifier, but a great guitar played through a poor amplifier will sound only as bad as the amplifier.

There are so many different situations where specific amplifiers can make or break a musician.  The tonal requirements of playing a big stage in front of a festival audience couldn't be more different than a small club gig on a stage barely big enough for the drum riser.  Different styles of playing influence amplifier choices.

While certain amplifiers have very narrow ranges of tonal application, we recognize that great amplifier designs share certain elements - all starting with great clean tones.  Progressive saturation with great harmonic richness, then great note bloom as the output section of the amplifier begins to really breathe.

We are proud to carry the finest touring, studio, and gig-tested, hand made, point-to-point wired boutique amplifiers used by professionals heard in recording studios and performance stages across the world. 

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