Mogami Platinum

Mogami Platinum

You have a great instrument, and a great amp.  You NEED a great cable!  We are proud to carry the best Guitar cable made - Mogami.

The finest instruments played through a custom shop tube amplifier deserve the finest guitar cable made to achieve the ultimate in tone. Few players truly realize the critical importance of the electrical connection between your guitar’s pickups and the amplifier, and how much tonal nuances can be drastically altered with the use of anything but the best guitar cable.

Mogami has supplied the most discriminating recording studios and audiophiles with the highest quality microphone, patch, and guitar cable. At LoneTree Blues, we are pleased to carry only Mogami Cables - simply the finest cable money can buy. Mogami’s line of Platinum Series guitar cable outperforms all other premium guitar cables and is in a class of it’s own, featuring the lowest capacitance and the greatest dynamic range, preserving every tonal nuance of your music.  You tone will be preserved even with cables up to 40 feet!!!  The cable is flexible, coil-resistant, and durable. The unique Neutrik AP2C-AU-SILENT connector represents a breakthrough in silently “hot-swapping” your guitar onstage without having to put your amplifiers on standby. 

The Neutrik SILENT connector features a hermetically sealed gold-plated spring-loaded magnetically-actuated reed switch which provides constant contact resistance, and will not wear or corrode. Take the critical step up with great cable for your great guitar and amplifier! Buy a Mogami cable today.

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