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Do you share our love of fine guitars and amplifiers?  With exceptional electric guitars, you don’t even need to plug ‘em in, they sound great without amplification. Played against other guitars, the difference in quality construction and attention to detail in the luthier’s art becomes immediately self evident.

You’ll find all of our instruments to be amazing players, from PRS, PRS Private Stock, Gibson, or Fender. Unlike the big box or mail order retailers, we know our instruments and amplifiers inside and out. We can provide a unique player's perspective on the subtleties and character of each guitar and amplifier  to find the best instrument for you.

We proudly – and exclusively – sell guitars, amplifiers, and a select few of the best accessories that are hand-crafted in the USA. We understand the character and tonal nuances of each and every one of the guitars and amplifiers we sell, and want you to be happy with your purchase.

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The "best of the best" from Paul Reed Smith is our particular specialty.  Whether you are looking for the ultimate in the most exclusive of all custom electric or acoustic guitars with our Collection Series Private Stock, custom built Private Stock, exclusive Limited Edition Artist Series or Collectible PRS guitars, check out our amazing collection of new instruments.

We are also proud to offer the ultimate in hand-wired boutique amplifiers, including the kings of tone:  Henry Heistand’s Red Plate Amps, Ken Fisher inspired Komet Amps made by Holger Notzel and Mike Kennedy,  Doug Sewell's own PRS Custom Amp Designs, and Dan Boul and Peter Stroud's low wattage 65 Amps.  We also carry a number of collectible and custom made amplifiers from other legends.

Check out our entire current stock or guitars and amplifiers! Contact us if you don't' see what you are interested in. Check out our killer Sales and Specials… and check back frequently –  our stock changes constantly!


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